Should We Stop Talking About It?


Don’t you find that women talk way too much about weight and body types?  I’m as guilty as the next gal for directing the conversation that way.  It’s almost a guarantee that the subject will emerge anytime a group of women get together.  I wonder why it is so prevalent?


Maybe it is due to the various media that bombard us with images and suggestions that we are not measuring up.  Maybe it is the fact that we are all self-conscious and want to make excuses for our current conditions.  Maybe it is that we all have a problem and are, in a sense, voicing our “cries for help”.  It’s probably a combination of factors, really.


I’m going to attempt to avoid talking about it and instead direct my thoughts to the blog. And, if I do find myself in conversations, I’m going to try and talk about it in an edifying way.  I think we need to avoid being consumed by this problem (pardon the pun).  One of the ways to deal with our issues is to take away the power they have in our lives and avoiding giving it airtime is a start.


Unless it is spiritually-focused banter, I really question how much good comes of it. Talk is cheap.  I am not interested in discussing the usual good intentions, quick fixes, excuses, justifications and the like so I am going to attempt to modify the subject matter whenever it comes up.  We’ll call it a kind of “social experiment”.  I think I’ll simply try asking questions that get to the heart of the issue and see what happens.  Maybe these segues will help all of us actually take steps towards action instead of just giving the topic lip service.


Besides, there are many other worthy topics for our investigation, don’t you think?



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